Growth Table, Tiered Art Table Seats Everyone in the Family

Growth Table

Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn have designed the Growth Table, a tiered wooden table for creating art together as a family. The table, a concept piece, has bulit-in space for paper, pencils and other art supplies.

Their statement on the piece:

Growth Table is one of a series of objects and spaces modified from a variety of familiar types to sponsor specific activities for adults as well as children. It creates an instant and intergenerational community united by the simple act of drawing.

Children impulsively and un-selfconsciously indulge in spontaneous mark-making when presented with a place to sit, a rightly-positioned surface, and colorful instruments with which to draw. The Growth Table creates these conditions – but at a range of scales – to also attract older children and adults who share the memory of countless hours of childhood art-making. The structure activates a public outdoor or indoor space by providing a catalyst for spontaneous social behavior that is both exceptional and utterly familiar. When the form of the Table is multiplied or expanded, it creates a community scaled art-parklett, or transforms a public interior into a literal “drawing room.”

Growth Table

Growth Table

photos by Jeremy Eichenbaum

via Inhabitat