Group Looking to Build a Massive Installation of London’s Iconic Structures at Burning Man

UK-based En!gma Crew are hoping to bring “LondonBRC,” a large-scale interactive installation to the 2013 Burning Man festival. They plan to build representations of the following iconic structures of London: House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and Tower of London. They are currently seeking funding through an Indiegogo campaign and as they are a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization, donations are tax-deductible.

Tier 1. Phase 1. One of the most exciting aspects of these structures and our first phase of the project will be a fully functioning, free standing House of Commons, to be used for both planned and open discussions & forums by all, to discuss any relevant topics, ranging from world matters to topics within Burning Man itself.

Tier 2 (Phases 1-2). Phase 2: Houses of Parliament. Designed as a 4-story structure, incorporating the remaining elements of our Houses of Parliament, with Ye Olde Ale House , a working indoor Theatre/Cinema, art rooms and corridors lined with portraits of famous Royals & characters from British history, all donated by artists from around the world.

Tier 3 (Phases 1-3). Phase 3: Tower Bridge will connect both The Houses of Parliament and Tower of London on the 1st floor. The bridge itself will also showcase performance art incorporating a number of different artists and groups on the Playa.

Tier 4 (Phases 1-4). Phase 4: Tower of London will be home to a dungeon, theatrical style brothel, a history room telling tales of the Tower of London and other historical facts and photos. The Tower will also be designed with a flat roof to be used a large viewing platform.


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff