Google Presents Cooking for Burning Man 101

On Wednesday two Google chefs presented “Cooking for Burning Man 101” at the Googleplex as part of the Google TechTalks series. Google knows a thing or two when it comes to making great food, so if you are going to Burning Man and want to eat well, then this video is required viewing. Here’s the “Burner Cooking 101 Handout” handout from the talk.

Anyone who has been to Burning Man before can tell you that it is an extremely harsh and challenging environment physically, emotionally, and culinarily! Come hear two veteran burners/culinary team members talk about the best ways to set up your Burning Man kitchen/food plan. You’ll come away with some useful recipes and vital Burning Man tips & tricks.

For more information on cooking at Burning Man, check out the article on Organizing a Communal Kitchen.

Thanks to Spacemonkey for the tip!