The Voice Actor Behind Kratos From the Video Game ‘God of War’ Tells Hilariously Bad Dad Jokes

Christopher Judge, the voice actor behind Kratos from the video game God of War, sat down with Polygon and tried to hold back the laughter while telling hilariously bad dad jokes. In the extremely popular video game, Kratos, the former Greek God of War, is accompanied by his son Atreus on his journey, so it only makes sense they he would try to sneak in the occasional dad joke during their adventures.

What’s holding God of War back from being a perfect game? In our opinion, it’s that series mainstay and new father Kratos completely fails to tell any of those groan-inducing jokes that only dads can tell.

When we had the opportunity to interview the game’s talented voice cast during Tribeca Film Festival in April, we took steps toward correcting this disappointing omission. (read more)

Justin Page
Justin Page

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