A Girl With Special Needs and an Older Cat Fall in Love With Each Other the Moment They Meet

A sweet older male cat named Lou had been a resident at the Lorca Animal Rescue in Lorca, Spain for such a long time, that the humans around him wondered why non one wanted to adopt him. At the same time, Isabel Gonzalez Asensio wanted to find a gentle therapy animal for her daughter Laurita, who was born with methemoglobinemia type 2 with a deficiency of cytochrome B5 reductase and Lou fit the bill. Laurita’s condition makes it very difficult for her to move, but when her mother came home with Lou, she could barely hold back her excitement. Lou in return, immediately curled up to Laurita and the two fell in love immediately.

(translated) We did not understand how Lou did not find a family to be such a docile and affectionate cat. Now we understand everything, was waiting for Laurita that is what is called this wonderful angel, and her mother Isa. Thank you Isa for opening your heart a little bit more and giving this opportunity to Lou. This video was recorded within a few hours of being in your home and as they say that a picture is worth a thousand words I ask all those who follow us to share these beautiful images and we can break false myths. Like the one that an adult animal does not adapt or that can not be affectionate or that the children and the animals can not live together among all we are sure that little by little we will get and changing some minds. Thank you Isa and a thousand thanks

via El Lorquino

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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