The Gorgeous Sight of a Giant Cacophonous Flock of Snow Geese Flying Over the Mississippi River

Snowing Snow Geese

In late February of 2018, a sharp-eyed resident of Montrose, Iowa captured the absolutely gorgeous sight of an enormous flock of snow geese sounding off in a cacophonous swell as they flew northward over the Mississippi River. The geese were on their return trip to the Arctic Tundra after flying south for the winter.

On Sunday, the snow geese arrived in full force, filling the sky, air and the Mississippi River with the magnificent sounds and sights. It was actually ‘Snowing’ Geese (Snow Geese). They were making their 3000-mile flight from southern shores of the USA and Mexico to return to the Arctic tundra to nest in the spring.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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