Intricate Geometric Sculpture Made with 72 Pencils

The Geometric Pencil Sculpture by makendo on Instructables is made using 72 pencils, super glue and rubber bands. Makendo was inspired by the geometric sculptures of George W. Hart and then hired geometric construction whiz Alejandro Erickson to show him how to re-create Hart’s 72 Pencils.

….It took a couple of leisurely hours to build and glue, and with supervision was surprisingly easy to make. It can be assembled inexpensively using wooden pencils ($5.74 for 72), a few rubber bands and a little superglue, in pretty much exactly the same way as Alejandro makes his Hexastix sculptures… The hexagonal cross-section of the pencils make them a very natural fit for this geometric form, as the holes in the lattice are themselves hexagonal. The erasers are arranged tetrahedrally with respect to one another; the volume enclosed by the pencils is a rhombic dodecahedron..

via Instructables