Gavin Newsom Talks About ‘Cities & Time’ at The Long Now Foundation

Last Wednesday San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gave a SALT talk at The Long Now Foundation on the topic of “Cities and Time”. Violet Blue was there and did a great write-up on Gavin’s talk for SFAppeal, including his plan for high-tech parking meters.

Topics of high interest the Mayor also talked about were parking meters: apparently The City is going to be rolling out a new style of high(er)-tech meters (25% is the projection) which are congestion priced to be higher during peak hours and lower in off-hours, will broadcast their availability, and Newsom said he wants them to also become electric car plug-in stations. Notable as well is the plan Newsom has had green-lighted to create offshore wave generators to supplant The City’s energy needs with the ongoing renewable resource of… the ocean’s tides.

While there Violet and Eddie Codel interviewed Gavin Newsom for GETV.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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