Future … Mission

Future Mission

Future … Mission, the latest theatrical production from Knife Beats Finger, runs Wednesday March 8th through Saturday, March 11th at The Dark Room in San Francisco. “Future … Mission” is directed by H.N. Nolan, written by Sean Kelly and tickets for can be purchased on Acteva.

Anneke shot some photos of last weekend’s performances.

What happens when one of our most basic forms of communication is outlawed?

What if Scientology is replaced by militant Zen Buddhism as the cult du jour?

What happens to street-borne id salesman in twenty years, or two?

Welcome to “Future … Mission” the newest production from Knife Beats Finger. Future … Mission is a set of provocative, bleak, bizarre, surreal short plays examining the complexity of our not-too-distant futures.

With nods to Philip K. Dick, Brian Eno Lyrics and the bio-sludge in the gutter of our favorite San Francisco street, Future … Mission is sure to send you home laughing, thinking and worried.

Starring: Greg Browman, Joe Jarrell, Sean Kelly, Shane Koon, Janelle Schwartz, Geoffrey Smart and Jon Fast

With Joe Donohoe presenting Why You Should Sometimes Never Drink with Strangers.

Directed by H.N. Nolan

Written by Sean Kelly, with additional material provided by the cast

photo credit: Anneke