Ad Campaign Touts the Beauty of Handcrafted Japanese Furniture With Pieces Made Just for Cats

In an adorable ad campaign promoting the beauty and quality of handcrafted Japanese furniture, the city of Okawa in the Fukuoka Prefecture commissioned two local shops to build tiny versions of their own designs specifically for cats. Tateno Wood Art created a replica of their slatted bed, while the Hiromatsu Wood Work Company made a copy of their comfy sofa, complete with the same forest green cover adorning their human sized version.

(translated) Okawa furniture is good quality furniture made by craftsmen. We tried to make “cat furniture” to prove its skill and sense. Capricious, free-spirited. But a “comfortable place” for a self-involved cat. …That is “cat furniture”. We will not skimp because it’s for cats. Using carefully selected timber, we finished carefully one by one with outstanding craftsmanship.

Cat Furniture - Sofa

Cat Furniture - Cat on Bed

Cat Furniture - Bed Bed

Cat Furniture - Cat Outline Bed

Cat Furniture - Cat Outline Sofa

Cat Furniture - Sofa Sofa

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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