Fundraisers For The Temple of Transition at Burning Man



poster design by Miss Scorpio with art Molly Crabapple

Two big fundraisers for being planned for Saturday, July 16th to help raise money for The Temple of Transition at Burning Man 2011, Get Funked Up at CELLspace in San Francisco and The Lost Circus presented by Gemini and Scorpio at Irondale Performing Arts in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

At 120′ high and 220′ wide, the Temple is a peaceful, contemplative and deeply emotional installation within which participants both leave messages to and totems of their loved ones, yet also celebrate deep connection with each other. As the spiritual heart of Burning Man, the Temple provides the Community with focus and an outlet for emotions that cannot typically be explored or safely experienced at any other festival – the Temple is completely unique to Burning Man, and we are honored to have been chosen to build it.

Existing for a single week on the pristine Black Rock desert of northern Nevada, the Temple is a place of pilgrimage for Burners where they leave their sadness, their loss, and their promises. At the end of Burning Man, the Temple is burnt to the ground in complete silence in front of an audience of over 40,000 people: a moment of release, of catharsis, and one of the most powerful and profound emotional moments one can ever experience.

If you can’t make it to either event but want to help, contributions can be made via IndieGoGo.