FOUNDRY – A Mad Scientist Cabaret to Benefit Rathskellar Nightclub at Burning Man

Guest post by Aaron Muszalski

Rathskellar, a new Burning Man nightclub “risen from the ashes of Spike’s Vampire Bar” is holding a fundraising benefit at San Francisco’s infamous DNA Lounge this Saturday, the 20th of June.

In German-speaking countries, the word “rathskellar” refers to an alehouse in a room set below street level. For its organizers, the term means underground, or as their website says:

…and here, underground means everything from the seedy, Jungian shared underbelly of Black Rock City to the stays-in-Vegas cabaret glam that unfolds on playa. This a den of inventors and innovators, drinkers and dancers, builders and breakers, barkeeps and bar rats, merrymakers and motorcycling miscreants and all that lies in between. Rathskellar is where we Mad Scientists make our monsters, create our machines, ply you with libations, and see where your inspiration leads you. Dark and industrial, sexy and corseted; Rathskellar is a little bit of spooky to balance out the endless techno. This is where the wild things continue to roam. Come, brave souls, and roam with us!

Or as Rathskellar co-founder Zak Scott puts it, “Think of Rathskellar as Goth/Industrial… Revolution.”

Saturday’s event, entitled “FOUNDRY“, will feature live music by rising local stars Unwoman and Rhubarb Whiskey, and burlesque performances by Ariyana La Fey, Sparkly Devil, L’il Miss Never, Miss Kittie, and more. If you’d like to help Rathskellar become a reality, please consider attending.

UPDATE: Slim also has a post up about the Rathskellar on the Burning Blog.

Aaron Muszalski
Aaron Muszalski