Found, A Short Documentary About Found Object Kinetic Sculptor Nemo Gould at His Oakland Studio

Filmmaker Chris Siracuse created a short documentary about the very prolific found object artist Nemo Gould. Aptly entitled “Found“, the film focuses on Gould’s remarkable ability to create beautiful kinetic sculptures out of tossed-away objects. At the time of filming, Gould was working on his amazing Megalodon sculpture.

Its been a few years now since I had Chris Siracuse in my studio for the filming of this project. Now that its made the film festival circuit we’re ready to share it online! Please take a minute (or 9 minutes and 24 seconds) and experience his insight into my work and process. Of particular interest are the scenes of the very first stages of my Megalodon sculpture. It was a major effort, and I’m grateful to have this document.

via Nemo Gould