Floating Submerged: Postcards by Attaboy

Attaboy Postcards

“Floating Submerged” has just been released, featuring 32 delicious postcards by Attaboy. It is available through publisher Last Gasp.

Thirty-two full-color, removable, oversized postcards, perforated for your pleasure. Attaboy’s maniacal undersea creatures and otherworldly vermin are together here for the first time. This postcard set features fans’ favorite images seen the world over, along with characters from Atta’s Vinyl Toy and Plush line, including the Axtrx and Gooberry! A great gift to send anyone for their next goo-filled visual vacation.


One of the postcards features the amazing squid illustration that Attaboy did for the Laughing Squid 8 ½ Year Anniversary Show. We are quite honored to be included in this wonderful postcard collection.