Flipper the Cat Gets New Wheels Thanks to Robotics Students

According to KTLA, Flipper, a cat who is paralyzed due to a twisted spinal cord, got a new set of wheels thanks to students from the ‘Blitz Robot’ club at Conifer High School in Colorado. They fashioned a contraption called a “Cat Cart” that allows Flipper to scoot around.

Flipper was just a few steps away from being put to sleep, until the Conifer High School ‘Blitz Robot’ club entered the picture.

The hope was that over the long term, doctors would be able to restore communication over Flipper’s entire spinal cord, so that full function would return.

But for the short run, the Conifer High robotics club set out to create a kind of intelligent ‘walker’ for Flipper to give her better mobility and ongoing physical therapy.

via Nothing to do with Arbroath

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff