Brilliant Five Year Old Boy Amazes Airline Captain and Crew With His Astonishing Aircraft Knowledge

Five year old Adam Mohammad Amer amazed the pilots and cabin crew onboard an Etihad Airways flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi by explaining everything that he knew about the ins and out of the aircraft that they were on and demonstrating what needed to happen in an emergency situation.

After the airline caught word of the brilliant young man, who is now six, they invited him to their training center to attend pilot training for a day. Adam came dressed in a pilot uniform specially made just for him and became the captain of an Airbus A380 flight simulator.

Six-year-old Adam has always been fascinated by planes and aviation. His dream is to become a Captain of an A380 Airbus. On board a flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, our Etihad Airways Cabin Crew noticed that the boy clearly wanted to fly the plane and was passionate about aircraft. They decided to create the opportunity of a lifetime for Adam, by inviting him into the cockpit.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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