First Orbit, Celebrating 50th Anniversary Yuri Gagarin Orbiting Earth

First Orbit by director Christopher Riley is a recreation of Yuri Gagarin’s orbit around Earth as the world’s first human in space. The full length film has been released on YouTube today to mark the 50 year anniversary of Gagarin’s space flight (tonight is also Yuri’s Night.) For more information about Yuri Gagarin’s visit to space, visit

Today it is 50 years since Yuri Gagarin climbed into his space ship and was launched into space. It took him just 108 minutes to orbit Earth and he returned as the World’s very first space man.
To mark this historic flight we have teamed up with the astronauts onboard the International Space Station to film a new view of what Yuri would have seen as he travelled around the planet.

And of course, Google couldn’t resist marking the anniversary in their own way:

Google Marks First Man in Space