Fighting Clipboard Zombies with Clipboards

Boulder based Mighty Fudge Studios created a set of clipboards for citizens to carry around to help fight “Clipboard Zombies” or those that are raising money for campaigns and charities with the line “do you have a minute for ______?”

To avoid being hassled by the vast army of clipboard zombies infesting the Pearl St. Mall (and surrounding areas) carry this decoy clipboard with you in a highly visible manner.  The Clipboarders will assume you are canvassing for a rival cause and leave you alone.  When you’re done enjoying a relaxing day downtown, simply leave this decoy clipboard in a visible location for the next user.

DailyCamera made a video about Mighty Fudge Studios and their “Clipboard Zombies” campaign on Pearl Street.

Portland based Wieden + Kennedy also did a similar project with business cards.

photo by Andrew Hyde

Andrew Hyde
Andrew Hyde

Andrew live in Boulder, Colorado and leads the TEDxBoulder and Ignite Boulder efforts. He has worked in startups for six year. He blogs about startups, bootstrapping, events and triathlon at You can follow him on twitter here.