Fighting Clipboard Zombies with Clipboards

Boulder based Mighty Fudge Studios created a set of clipboards for citizens to carry around to help fight “Clipboard Zombies” or those that are raising money for campaigns and charities with the line “do you have a minute for ______?”

To avoid being hassled by the vast army of clipboard zombies infesting the Pearl St. Mall (and surrounding areas) carry this decoy clipboard with you in a highly visible manner.  The Clipboarders will assume you are canvassing for a rival cause and leave you alone.  When you’re done enjoying a relaxing day downtown, simply leave this decoy clipboard in a visible location for the next user.

DailyCamera made a video about Mighty Fudge Studios and their “Clipboard Zombies” campaign on Pearl Street.

Portland based Wieden + Kennedy also did a similar project with business cards.

photo by Andrew Hyde