‘Fast Food Ingredients Revealed’, An Informative Book About the Real Ingredients in Fast Food Menu Items

Fast Food Ingredients Revealed

Mel Weinstein, the retired analytical chemist who hosts the “Food Labels Revealed” podcast, has just published Fast Food Ingredients Revealed: What Are You Eating?, an informative book that examines ingredients in menu items from several popular fast food restaurants.

Possibly the first book of its kind, it takes a deep dive into the actual ingredients in the menu items of some of the most recognized restaurants. Beyond the item’s components (bun, patty, cheese, sauce, etc.), what are the actual constituents including additives and synthetic chemicals? Some surprises await.

As Weinstein discovered, a number of these ingredients prove to be less-than-appetizing.

What he reveals will blow your mind: additives derived from insects, an artificial sweetener made with a chemical warfare agent, various additives listed as acronyms rather than real names, wood derivatives used in food, partially disclosed industrial additives, like modified starches, and biological agents as additives. …The additives are identified and described in a comprehensive glossary in the appendix.

The book is available in paperback or as a free Kindle eBook with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Weinstein discusses his book launch in the 75th episode of the “Food Labels Revealed” podcast.

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