Fabulously Demonic Crocheted Krampus Doll Holding Captured Children

San Francisco-based Shove Mink of Croshame has crocheted this fabulously demonic Krampus and the two naughty crying kiddies he’s captured. The details on this piece are great, from the forked tongue and sharp teeth on Krampus to terrified tears on the children. While this piece doesn’t seem to be for sale, Shove does operate a Croshame Etsy shop that is full of other “sinister” and “sarcastic” crocheted pieces.

Krampus, also known as Schmutzli, Black Peter and Knecht Ruprecht, is the demonic, evil counterpart of Santa Claus, punishing naughty children by whipping them with a switch, chaining them up and carrying them off in a basket strapped to his back. During the 19th century, European (particularly Austrian and German) holiday cards would feature illustrated images of the devilish creature with the words “Gruss vom Krampus” (“Greetings from Krampus”) written across the front…

Since the 21st century is filled with some of the most nasty, spoiled, and utterly disobedient children in history, I figured what better way for me to celebrate 2011 Winter solstice than to revive this delightful demon with a loving crocheted tribute!

via Beefranck

images via Croshame

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff