Examination of the Anatomy & Evolution of the Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Logo

Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Scrapbook

Pre-production decal by Ralph McQuarrie

Alex Jay recently created an in-depth examination of the anatomy and evolution of the iconic Star Wars logo. The current logo design has become such a recognized visual that it is quite surprising to see the numerous changes it went through in the early years. You can read the full article on Alex’s blog, Tenth Letter of the Alphabet.

Star Wars McQuarrie Johnston Scrapbook

In the ‘Star Wars Scrapbook,’ it was revealed that Joe Johnston did the title lettering which was based on the Precis font family.

Star Wars Joe Johnston Star Wars Scrapbook

1976 San Diego Comic Con; the text credits Joe Johnston for the lettering

1977 Star Wars Film Poster Suzy Rice

1977 Star Wars Film Poster Suzy Rice

1977 Star Wars Film Poster Ralph

1977 Star Wars Film Poster Revised by Joe Johnston

Star Wars Dan Perri Trilogy NYT 1985

The New York Times, March 24, 1985 (logo design by Dan Perri)

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