Every Photograph Taken by a NASA Astronaut on the Surface of the Moon Has Been Uploaded to Flickr

Apollo 11 Photo of American Flag on Lunar Surface

Photo archivist Kipp Teague has uploaded more than 8,400 high-resolution photos from the NASA Apollo missions to the Moon to the photo sharing site Flickr. According to Teague, the page includes every photo taken on the lunar surface during the Apollo missions as well as many others taken by astronauts during spaceflight to and from the Moon.

The Flickr page is now a companion to Teague’s Project Apollo Archive where he has kept an online repository of NASA Apollo images since 1999. The newly uploaded images are available in 1,800 dpi and were created from scans of the original Apollo Hasseelblad film done by NASA around 2004.

Apollo 11 Astronaut Leaving Lunar Lander

Apollo 10 Photo of the Earth Behind the Moon

Apollo 17 Lunar Rover and Lander

Apollo 10 Photo of the Earth Behind the Moon

photos via Project Apollo Archive

via The Planetary Society, PetaPixel