An Intuitive Robotic Prosthetic Hand Powered by AI

Esper Bionics has created the Esper Hand, an incredibly intuitive robotic hand that features 24 strategically placed sensors that work with existing arm muscles through non-invasive electromyography for natural movement while performing tasks.

Intuitive control of a bionic hand resembling natural movement. Esper Control system, designed to seamlessly translate your natural muscle movements into precise Hand motions.

The hand also has onboard AI algorithms that learn an individual’s needs through repetition.

The Esper Platform is a cloud-based solution that constantly gathers data from all the sensors to analyze the particular way each wearer uses the hand. The platform is essential for making the hand as tailored to each user’s needs as possible thanks to the use of ML algorithms.

Ukrainian student Nika Achorna demonstrated how the hand works.

Nika uses Esper Hand

Nika was introduced to the Esper Hand several months prior.

Nika Uses Esper Prosthetic Hand
Esper Bionic Hand

Esper employee Ayona also demonstrated the functionality of the Esper hand.

Our teammate Alyona combines human creativity, technology, and AI to create a new Esper Hand.

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