Ephemerisle 2010, A Floating Festival of Freedom, Creativity & Community

Ephemerisle 2009

photo by Dav Yaginuma


photo by Liz Henry

Ephemerisle, a floating festival of freedom, creativity, and community organized by The Seasteading Institute, takes place July 22-25 on the Sacramento River Delta.

Participants bring their crafts and their ideas to build an eclectic temporary village of boats, rafts, barges, junks, and other floating structures. A large central platform is provided as a common space to come together. Expect music, dance, open mic performances, workshops, spirited discussions, even classes on how to build your own floating platform… and on the last night, a community feast to lead a full evening of celebration.

Jason Sussberg created a mimi documentary on Ephemerisle 2009.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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