EFF’s 8-bit Victory Lap

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a new year-end video celebrating their victories and achievements in 2010:

Here’s why I think you should consider giving a year-end donation to EFF: this tiny organization manages to rack up victory after victory, year after year, in the defense of your digital rights. Just this year, they succeeded in freeing your smart phone from restrictions against jailbreaking, fought back against copyright trolls shaking down individuals for alleged infringements, and helped you take better control of your privacy on Facebook. Just this month, they scored two additional major victories: they helped convince a federal court to rule that your email is protected by the 4th amendment, and they secured better protection for your cell phone location information. The EFF international team alone does the work of several organizations.

As a former employee of EFF, I can confirm that your money will be well spent. There are no fancy offices, no exorbitant salaries, and only a small staff working full time to defend your digital rights, all year long. Every penny you give will be used to continue the fight for free speech, privacy, innovation and transparency in the digital world — with hopefully more victories to come in 2011!

Support EFF this holiday season!

Hugh D'Andrade
Hugh D'Andrade

I'm an artist and troublemaker.