Edible Sound, A DJ Experiment Featuring Food That Has Been Laser-Etched Into Edible Audio Records

Edible Sound

“Edible Sounds” is a tasty new DJ experiment by musician and artist Matthew Herbert of Accidental Records that took place at the Science Gallery London on March 16th. He featured a buffet of different foods that had been laser-etched and turned into actual audio records. Matthew brought his consumable records to life by “amplifying the sounds of everyday foods” with DJ turntables and a speaker system.

Through a series of experiments, Herbert has created audio recordings of ingredients widely-used in processed food, etching them, via laser-cutting technology, onto various consumable items. The outcome is an assortment of edible records that will be played on the night. The audience will be invited to reflect on the foods that informed their creation and the soundscapes they produce and will have the opportunity to consume the records.

first in a series of edible sounds. this one a tortilla record. playable on normal hifi. unlikely to be delicious.

Posted by Matthew Herbert on Friday, February 26, 2016

image via Science Gallery London