eCoupled Wireless Power Lights Up Cereal Boxes

eCoupled created a wireless power technology that allows cereal boxes to put on a light show for consumers, recently on display at CES in Las Vegas. The future has arrived and cereal is only the beginning.

Here’s a taste of what we did for packaging promotions, we took consumer packaging and added printed coils to provide power from the shelf, which not only keeps the toys fully charged but allows the cereal boxes to use on package printed lighting to grab attention! (There’s some pictures below!) Not only is the packaging fun and engaging, it’s also enabled to track inventory and quantities, again an example of seamless integration that’s a win for all parties.

Using eCoupled enabled printing coils in consumer’s packaging with food will also help track nutritional information. Imagine having nutritional information synced to your smartphone and/or PC. Depending on what your New Year’s resolution was, you’re probably interested in this technology.

via Crave | CNET UK

Justin Page
Justin Page

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