Droneball Go, A Drone With a Multi-Axis Cage Designed to Crash, Tumble, Roll, and Keep Flying

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Droneball Go is a camera drone with a multi-axis cage designed to let the device crash, tumble, roll, and keep flying. The cage’s flexible structure and ability to allow the drone to move inside it are what allows the Droneball Go to recover after a crash. Pilots can take advantage of the Droneball’s 5.8ghz 1080p camera feed for an FPV flying experience, and modules like 4K and night vision cameras are available as upgrades.

The designers of Droneball Go have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their innovative design with discounted drones being offered as rewards for backers.

Several other drones have used protective cages to avoid collisions, but the makers of Droneball Go say earlier cage designs are limited and highlight what makes their design unique.

The design of the Droneball is different. Inside its ball cage, the Droneball quadcopter is mounted so that it can rotate on multiple axes within the cage. It can pitch, meaning that it can rotate front to back, and it can roll, meaning that it can rotate from side to side. It can also yaw, or rotate in a flat horizontal plane.

Droneball Go Slam Dunk

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