Draw and Fold Over by The Campaign for Drawings

Draw and Fold Over

I just got turned on to this fun, creative, and quite addictive site, Draw and Fold Over. I drew the head on the one above.

It’s basically the same idea as Exquisite Corpse: One person starts the drawing, then sends it on, via email to the next person. It takes four people to complete the drawing. Once done you’ll get an email confirmation so you can check out the final product.

There’s a method to their madness; actually there’s a a mission to their method: The Campaign for Drawing.

The Campaign for Drawing has one aim: to get everyone drawing!
Why? Drawing helps us to think, invent and communicate – regardless of age and ability.
The Campaign took its initial inspiration from the visionary Victorian artist and writer, John Ruskin.

The Campaign for Drawing sponsors the annual Big Draw, that takes place every month of October.

October 2011 is Big Draw month in twenty countries and on five continents. Launched in 2000, this annual initiative has grown from 180 events in the UK to over 1500 worldwide. The Campaign aims to use drawing to connect visitors with museum and gallery collections, urban and rural spaces – and the wider community – in new and enjoyable ways.

Try Draw and Fold Over for yourself. You’ll find it’s a lot of fun. You can see previously done work in the galleries.

photo via Campaign for Drawing

John Hell
John Hell