Dr. Paul Pounds’ Exquisitely Modded LED Pocketwatch

In honor of his late grandfather, engineer Dr. Paul Pounds modified a vintage pocketwatch with a hand-made analog style LED display.

My grandfather was a horologist. When he passed away in 2005 I inherited from him a collection of broken pocketwatches. As my skills are in microelectronics, rather than micromechanics, I felt it would be a fitting tribute to him to produce an electronic movement in place of one of the broken ones he’d never had the time to fix.

The watch features a ticking sound (through the clever use of a cellphone vibrator, resonating against the cover), an iPhone-like ambient light sensor (to adjust LED intensity for comfortable viewing in bright or dark conditions), and a fully adjustable alarm function. The LED display also shuts off automatically when the watch is closed to conserve power.

While the current watch is not for sale, Pounds hopes to eventually offer a “version 2.0” design for sale in both kit form and premade units.

Aaron Muszalski
Aaron Muszalski