dorkbot-sf #24 Photos

dorkbot-sf #24

Here are my photos from last night’s amazing dorkbot-24 at RX Gallery which featured Marc Powell, who did a food hacking demo involving gratuitous molecular gastronomy and Jennifer Granick, who gave a presentation on security and the law, using examples from Star Wars to illustrate her points.

Photos from dorkbot-sf #24

Liquid Nitrogen Raspberries

Man, my tongue is still recovering from being frozen by liquid nitrogen raspberries. Damn you David Calkins!

Phill Torrone's PowerBook

Phillip Torrone from Make Magazine was there last night and he showed me his PowerBook with a really cool laser etched image of a tarsier, the O’Reilly mascot.

UPDATE: Here’s Phillip Torrone’s Make Blog write-up on dorkbot-sf #24.

photo credit: Scott Beale (Marc Powell hacking up some deserts, raspberries being poured into liquid nitrogen and PT’s laser etched PowerBook)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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