dorkbot-sf #22 photos

Linux Robot

The dorks come out at night. Here are some photos I shot at last night’s dorkbot-sf. The evening began with Mike Estee showing us how to add components to a printed circuit board with liquid solder and then bake them on in a toaster oven. Jacob Appelbaum walked us through the maze of wireless communication options available for remote locations, including how to setup VSAT in Iraq. Jake made it all the way through his talk this without giving into the temptation to actually explain (or worse show) what Goatse was when someone asked him. Finally, Michael Shiloh of Making Things and SRL, gave us the root password and ip address for his Linux Robot and challenged us to SSH into his robot and then write and compile a program to see if we could run the robot remotely.

Thanks Karen, organizing another geektastic dorkbot. Looking forward to #23.

photo of Michael Shiloh’s Linux Robot by Scott Beale