Don’t Call it Frisco, An Amusing Series About a Boston Newcomer Trying to Adapt to San Francisco

The very amusing web-series “Don’t Call it Frisco” by Vibrant Films tells the story of somewhat straight-laced Boston transplant named Pat who tries to make his away around the distinct eccentricity of San Francisco. His newcomer naiveté about the city causes him to find himself in odd situations with his work, his girlfriend and his roommates. The title of the series came from legendary San Francisco columnist Herb Caen who once famously stated, “No one refers to San Francisco by that title except people from Los Angeles”.

The show’s main character, Pat, moves here from Boston to start a new life with his girlfriend but everything goes to shit. Sound familiar? …When Stephen Laferriere (Pat from DCF) first moved here, much like in episode 1, he was shut down hard when we said “Frisco” the same went with “San Fran”. I also was informed by a 60 year local that the only acceptable terms were “The City, the Bay, SF, and San Francisco”

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips