Disco The Parakeet Reciting Phrases From Pop Culture, Films and Television

Nobody puts baby bird in the corner!

In the video “One Phrase Leads to Another” by MsJumpinJude, a very clever Rochester, New York bird named Disco The Parakeet hops around on his cage while reciting a variety of phrases from pop culture, films and TV shows, including beatboxing. Sometimes the little bird gets so excited that he creates verbal mashups of multiple phrases.

Disco was born in May 2010 in the Rochester, NY, area, and joined his family at the age of four months. Disco began speaking three weeks later, and he’s never stopped! He has a real knack for picking up just about anything we want to teach him, from “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” to “Hasta la vista, baby bird.” He can beat box, snore, and bark, and he meows better than some cats. He also enjoys chasing the paper airplanes our daughter throws for him.

Here are a couple more videos of Disco reciting “I can haz cheezburger” and singing The Rolling Stones:

Justin Page
Justin Page

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