A Futuristic Greenhouse That Uses Touch Activation to Tell the Story of the Vegetables Growing Inside

The Japanese design house PARTY has created an incredible display of living art inside the grass space of the Tokyo Midtown venue, the location of the 2017 Design Touch event. Entitled “Digital Vegetables“, this piece features seven different living vegetables that reside inside a beautifully LED lit, touch-sensitive, futuristic greenhouse that offers an interactive multimedia history of each vegetable, all activated with a simple touch.

The Grass Square will be graced with a massive greenhouse, the interior of which will be planted with familiar vegetables while the ceiling will be lined with LEDs invoking the sky and water. When visitors directly touch the vegetables, the LEDs inside the greenhouse will react and transform the space with flower seeds and the color of the leaves from that vegetable. The idea is to create an richly colored interactive experience, taking the vegetables that we normally only consider as food and allowing for an exploration of their varied aspects as plants.

The installation will be available to view through November 5, 2017. Admission is free.

via Spoon Tamago