Police Detective Is Fondly Remembered by Daughter and Grandson for Standing Up for What’s Right

In the animated “Detective Simmons” by StoryCorps, the amazing oral history project that provides recording booths for people to tell their own life stories, a wonderful tribute is paid to an honorable man who knew when and how to stand up for what was right. The commentary was provided by his beloved daughter and grandson, who want nothing more than to be like him.

Saturday mornings he would take me to IHOP. One particular time one of the ladies next to me looked at me and picked her purse and put it on the other side of her and grandpa said,’you don’t have to move your purse, my grandson ain’t never stole nothing before in his life’ and that meant the world to me. I still haven’t completely gotten over his passing …I try to be just like him and I want him to continue to be proud of me.