Daniel Clowes: Mister Wonderful & The $40,000 Man

Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes

One of my favorite comic artists, Oakland’s Daniel Clowes has a couple of interesting projects he’s working on. First there is “Mister Wonderful”, a wonderful 20-episode comic strip that he has been creating for The Funny Pages section of the New York Times Magazine. Here’s a PDF of the first chapter.

“The $40,000 Man” is a new film that Danile is working on with Terry Zwigoff (they both worked together on the 2001 film “Ghost World”) that is a comedy remake of the 6 Million Dollar Man. An American astronaut is injured in a car wreck and they only have a budget of $40,000 to make a bionic man. Here’s more coverage from The Hollywood Reporter.

Last month Dwight Garner did a short interview with Daniel Clowes for the New York Times’ Paper Cuts blog.

via Metroblogging San Francisco & Boing Boing