Dabchick the Puppet Bird Reenacts His Elaborate Racing Dream to Explain Why He Wet the Bed

Dabchick the Puppet Wets the Bed

In an episode of the very talented puppeteer Barnaby Dixon‘s humorous series about puppet Dabchick. The titular bird awakes to find out that he’s wet the bed and explains this messy faux pas by reenacting the elaborate dream he had the night before. It seems Dabchick was running in a race but his name was Chris/Chip/Chuck Jackson and he really had to urinate, so he ran as quickly as possible so that he could then relieve himself. Upon winning he was waylaid by a well-wishing coach until he finally put his foot down and found a place to pee. And that’s when Dabchick woke up.

You are Chip Jackson are you not and I’m like yeah cuz it’s a dream and I really don’t know any better …So I flippin’ well book it you know partly because I’m Chris Jackson world renowned undefeated race-ist but mainly because I know the sooner I cross the finish line the sooner I can have a good old…

Dabchick Wets the Bed

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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