Cuddle Clones Uses Uploaded Photos to Make Plush Replicas of People’s Pets

Venus Cuddle Copy

Send us a picture of your pet, we’ll send you a Cuddle Clone.

Cuddle Clones is a company that attempts to “capture the emotional connection between people and their pets” by creating plush replicas of a person’s pet with photos uploaded to their site. Because the plushes are custom-made, people are able to choose ear and tail position along with any distinguishing features their pet might have. The cost for a each plush is $199 for dogs, cats and larger animals, $129 for hamsters, mice and smaller animals and orders placed now will be delivered July 2015.

We make soft, adorable, customized stuffed-animal versions of people’s pets called Cuddle Clones. All you have to do is submit at least one picture (although several are preferred) and choose a few customization options (eye color, ear position, tail position) and we’ll send you your very own Cuddle Clone. A portion of each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes to help our furry friends get the care and love they deserve. So you can get a really cool product for yourself or a pet-loving friend and feel warm and fuzzy knowing that your purchase has helped better, and in some cases save, the lives of animals everywhere.


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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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