Crocheted Bloodied Carrie Bear Inspired by 1976 Horror Flick

Shove Mink of Croshame has crocheted Carrie Bear, a bloodied art doll that is a cross between a teddy bear and Carrie from the 1976 horror movie of the same name. Carrie Bear is available to purchase at the Croshame Etsy shop and “comes with her own sash, rose bouquet, and bucket of spilled pig’s blood.” We have also posted about Croshame’s crocheted Krampus doll, crocheted Exorcist playset and crocheted Spock ears.

Besides “Don’t play ball in the house”, the one great piece of motherly advice Carrie Bear got was, “They’re all going to laugh at you!” And by God, was she right! Poor Carrie Bear got a very cruel prank played on her at the high school prom, and now she’s really steamed and ready for revenge. Will she use her awesome powers of Telekinesis to pull down the jokers’ pants? Or maybe put Saran Wrap over their toilet seats? So many choices… but I’m guessing she’ll probably just burn the whole school down instead.

This is a handmade crocheted figure, made from acrylic yarns and featuring plastic safety eyes and felt embellishments. Carrie Bear has a permanently attached sash reading “Prom Queen 1976” on it, holds a removable bouquet of roses in her hand, and has a glitter foam crown on her head. “Blood drips” are created with an acrylic paint-gel medium mixture. She also comes with her small bucket of spilt pig’s blood.

The 1976 movie poster for Carrie:

movie poster via WonderfulWorldOfMovies

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff