Creators of Keyboard Cat & Nyan Cat Suing Warner Bros. For Trademark Infringement


A screenshot of Scribblenauts Unlimited that shows the two feline-themed memes. image via Chris Torres

Charlie Schmidt and Chris Torres, the creators of Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat respectively, claim that the makers of the Scribblenauts Unlimited video game, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and 5th Cell, have infringed their meme’s trademarks by including them as easter eggs in the game. Schmidt and Torres have registered copyrights on their memes and both make a living from their feline creations. Torres says in a statement that they are looking “to be treated fairly and to be fairly compensated for our creative work.”

Here’s Chris Torres’ full statement:

Nyan Cat

Scribblenauts Unlimited version of Nyan Cat, via Scribblenauts Wiki