Coyote Peterson Willingly Endures His Very First Aquatic Sting From a Spiky Lionfish

Coyote Peterson Lionfish Sting

While on location in South Florida, the entertainingly masochistic Coyote Peterson, who has willingly endured a number of the most painful stings of the insect world, took to the water to locate a beautiful lionfish to sting him with its sharp, venomous spines. Once located, the fish was put into an aquarium where it seemingly just wanted to be left alone. Rather than waiting for the fish to attack however, Peterson made the first move and stabbed his hand with the fish before dropping it back in the water.

So how painful is the Lionfish sting and what happens if you are unfortunately stung yourself? Well Coyote Peterson is once again putting himself in the “sting zone” to find out and educate people about this beautiful yet venomous little creature.

Most of the time Peterson safely returns the animals he profiles right back into their natural habitat, but in the case of an invasive species such as the Argentinian black and white tegu and the lionfish, arrangements are made with appropriate facilities (zoos, aquariums, nature centers) to care for the animal after it has been removed from the environment.