Co-Working: Origins and Future, Featuring The Hat Factory and PariSoMa

“Co-Working: Origins and Future” is an excerpt from You 2.0, a documentary being made by Joey Daoud about life hacking. The video features two great Coworking spaces in San Francisco, The Hat Factory (the first full-time Coworking space in the world) presented by Eddie Codel and PariSoMa presented by Sean Savage.

Co-Working, that nexus between working at a coffee shop, working at home, and being stuck in an office.

For more info on co-working spaces around the world, check out the Coworking wiki.

If you look closely in the video you’ll see a “Laughing Squid: Paradise Lost” poster by Hugh D’Andrade and a “Laughing Squid 10th Anniversary Party” poster by Joshua Ellingson both behind Sean at PariSoMa.

via Eddie Codel