Covert, An Ephemeral Event That Uses Technology To Liberate Us From Technology


Last Friday John Law and Mark Growden organized their first “Covert” event, part of a series of ephemeral events that “use technology to liberate us from technology”. Participants were asked to relinquish all electronic devices for the duration of the event which takes place in an undisclosed location.

Here’s a write-up on Covert 1 by Stuart Mangrum who took part in the event.

Like most of John Law’s events, it began with cryptic instructions: “We will be leaving from the Vaillancourt Fountain in Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco at 7:01 pm sharp. Look for the man in the Top Hat. Bring legal ID, $2.75 in quarters, and a flashlight.” There was no indication of what we would be doing, other than the event name, ‘COVERT,” and John’s rich history of hosting off-the-grid excursions.