Couple Thinkers, Craig and Megan Ferguson Travel the World to Seek Answers From Respected Experts

In the wonderfully humorous online series “Couple Thinkers” by the American sportswear company Gant, former Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson and his beautiful wife Megan travel around the world to pose questions and seek answers from various experts in different subject areas. Amongst these experts is entrepreneur/environmentalist Kimbal Musk, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, biologist Daisy Robinton, author/filmmaker Jon Ronson, musician/author/economist Jo Nesbø and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington.

Follow Craig Ferguson and his wife, Megan, as they travel around the world to seek out answers to the topics that we all wonder about. Together with some of the world’s most renowned experts, in this six episode series Craig and Megan dive into everything from “When do we need to leave this planet?” to “Can we stop ageing?”