The Core Principles Implemented by Early Disney Animators That Bring Their Iconic Illustrations to Life

Filmmaker Kristian Williams, who’s also known as “kaptainkristian”, took an illustrative look at the distinctly Disney style of animation. To do this, Williams reached back into the core principles implemented by Disney’s early animators in order to bring an image to life. These principles were firmly cemented in the 1981 Disney animation bible The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two members of the legendary “Nine Old Men“.

The real Disney style isn’t in design but in technique. Techniques that are universal and style agnostic, which is why when budgets were tight, Disney was notorious for repurposing animation from its archive to save time and they were able to recycle that work between two completely different characters because those techniques are just a framework, a skeleton that can fit within the mold of any design or any process.