Control The World’s Largest Claw Machine From Your Computer


Would you like to win a leftover Christmas gift? Head on over to Real Art Design Group‘s new creation called “The Santa Claw“! It’s free to play, you can customize your character while you wait in line and win one REAL prize per household!

The world’s largest claw machine is made of approximately 2,000 lbs of steel, 700 ft of wire and 1.5 wheelchairs. This all equals up to the biggest claw EVER. Check it out!

Have you ever wondered what happens to Santa’s leftover gifts? The ones that never appeared on Christmas wish lists. Well… nothing! Until Now. This year the Fat Man sent us all of the unused presents, and we gave them a home in The Santa Claw.

Yep, we said claw. We built the biggest claw game EVER. And you (Or anyone in the entire world) can play the game from your own computer. Best part… if you win, we will send the leftover Santa goodies straight to your door.


photos by Justin Dunham