Consurgo, Steampunk Robot Dad Arises in 3D Animated Short

Consurgo is another animated short by the Dutch animation team Colorbleed Studios. We posted about their recent animated effort Mac ‘n’ Cheese, An Amped Up Drug Fueled Animated Short. Consurgo (“to arise” in Latin) was created while they were second year students at Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands and follows the tale of a girl who loses a ball, then her father but gains a steampunk robot.

Steampunk robot, what do you want more?

In this steampunk styled short film, created in our second year of school, a girl loses the ball she’s playing with and it ends up on the street. Her father tries to get it back for her, but then something brutal happens. The girl, full of tears, doesn’t know what to think when a monstrous creature appears and seems to be after her and her father.
Consurgo is latin for ‘to arise’ and blends perfectly with the story. This sad story picks up halfway to something incredibly fantastic.

via Kuriositas

images via Colorbleed Studios

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff