Conan O’Brien Visits ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ in a 1994 Clip of the Short-Lived Talk Show

The short-lived MTV talk show The Jon Stewart Show aired for only two seasons, but at one point was the second most popular show on MTV behind Beavis and Butt-Head. In this 1994 clip, guest Conan O’Brien tells Jon Stewart about the range of emotions he feels in the course of his work—being stupified when introduced to the president of the United States, disappointed to learn super models only like him when the camera is on, and starstruck when his childhood television heroes visit his show. Baby-faced Stewart and O’Brien aren’t the only 1990s-esque aspects of this clip. Everything from their outfits—one in plaid and the other in leather—to Stewart’s faux casual pose on the set ooze the 1990s.

Stewart recently spoke with Rolling Stone about why the show was canceled.

The people spoke. They felt that was something I should not be doing. They felt, in fact, that I should be locked out of the building. I also wasn’t something that I felt necessarily comfortable doing. I don’t think I’m particularly suited for it.

via Rolling Stone