A Cozy Photo Series Capturing the Colorful Diversity of Different Homes Found Around Queens, New York

Architect Rafael Herrin-Ferri has put together “All the Queens Houses” a really cozy photo series that captures the colorful diversity of the many different house styles situated in the populous New York City borough of Queens. While the eclectic design and colors of these houses may be off-putting to some, to others who live in the area, these houses feel like home.

This includes row-housing, semi-detached two-family houses, detached single-family houses of the early twentieth century, and more contemporary three to five-story apartment buildings on small lots. It is an attempt to reflect the incredible diversity of the borough’s population in its built environment. …When so many people from so many cultures with so many different aesthetic preferences co-exist in a tight urban fabric it seems only natural that the streetscape should look like this. For me, these houses represent an “urbanism of tolerance”.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips